Congratulations Grino Water Solutions – FAU Innovator 2021 in the Alumni Category

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WiSo alumni and founders of Grino Water Solutions Josef Schütz, Alireza Derakhshan and Farzaneh Ahmadloo were able to convince the audience during the broadcast “Wir sind #FAU – Innovation leben”, which aired on July 20, and were chosen by the audience as the FAU Innovator 2021 in the Alumni Category.

Grino Water Solutions is an exceptional example of a young company that emerged from a research project at the FAU. With a vision to tackle the global problem of water scarcity with a sustainable and affordable solution for everyone and for every purpose, the start-up was founded in 2017 with the support of the Chair of Technology Management.

The startup offers a system capable of processing almost all types of water sources, even seawater. The solar desalination based on reverse osmosis technology guarantees the highest water quality and can be customized depending on the application. With its sustainable, cost-effective process, Grino Water Solutions offers a solution to one of the world’s most pressing problems.

The official tribute will take place on November 4 during the Dies academicus.

We congratulate Grino Water Solutions on this great success!

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