The Chair of Technology Management offers the following lectures and seminars in Bachelor:

Entrepreneurship (in German only, including an exercise) – winter term only

F&E Management (in German only) – summer term only

Bachelor thesis seminar (mandatory for every student who wants to write their bachelor thesis at the Chair) – winter and summer term

You can also find information on the examination dates.

In addition, we would like to point out an interesting seminar of the junior professorship for labour market economics (Markus Nagler). You will find further information on the content and schedule of the seminar in the following link:
 „Herausforderungen der Wissensgesellschaft: Innovation und Arbeitsmärkte“ (Challenges of the Knowledge Society: Innovation and Labour Markets, in German only)

All binding information on the different lectures and seminars can be found in the modules handbook. Please refrain from queries at the Chair!