Lecture Semester
Understanding and Mastering Case Studies in Technology and Entrepreneurship winter/summer term
International Technology Management Research Seminar winter/summer term
Product Innovation Management in Emerging Markets (vhb) winter/summer term
Profiting from Ideas and Inventions: An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (vhb) winter/summer term
Design Thinking and Product Design (German only) summer term
Presentation Training (German only) currently not lectured
Strategic Intellectual Property Management currently not lectured
Master Thesis Seminar winter/summer term

The FAU is also a consortium partner for the vhb course “Blockchain Applications for Business” (English only). This course will be offered by the Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg under project manager Prof. Dr. Björn Ivens, but also FAU students are able to participate in the course.

All binding information on the different lectures and seminars can be found in the module handbooks. Please refrain from queries at the Chair!