Starting in January 2020, the position of the Chairholder is vacant.

Until the position at the FAU is filled again, Markus Beckmann will be the Acting Head of the Chair of Technology Management.


Dr. Nivedita Agarwal, MBA – Assistant Professor

Dr. Peter Bican, MBA – Assistant Professor

Dipl. Sozialw. Annette Bilgram – Project/ Lab Manager

Sonja Quaiser, office administrator – Secretariat

Dr. Shu Wang, M.Sc. – Postdoc

Theresa Wöllner, M.Sc. – PhD Student


Here you can find our other lecturers.

Former Chairholder and Founder of the Chair

Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem

Former employees

Farzaneh Ahmadloo, M.Sc. – Research Assistant

Issam Attalah, M.Sc. – Guest Researcher

Inés González, M.A. – Secretariat

Dr. Jan Michalsky, M.A. – Postdoc

Jeanette Niqué, B.A. – Project Assistant

Dr. Petra Nylund, M.Sc. – Postdoc

Rabab Saleh, M.A. – Research Assistant

Martina Schöttner – Secretariat

Josef Schütz, B.A. – Start-Up Manager

Christine Wimschneider, M.Sc. – Research Assistant