Strategies for Innovation in Technology Ecosystems and Platforms (vhb)


This course aims to teach managers to make strategies for innovation in technology ecosystems and platforms. Specifically, we focus on mastering the creation of such ecosystems and platforms. The concept of technology ecosystems draws on evolutionary economics which, inspired by evolutionary biology and ecology, treats the economy like a complex system where technologies and companies cooperate and compete to survive in an evolving environment. Evolution is, indeed, a process of continuous change. According to this perspective, companies behave like living organisms that compete for scarce resources in dynamic environments. Companies change to adapt to the environment as do biological organisms. In response to changing external conditions, strategies of the companies in the system coevolve, so that innovation in one company produces change in others, leading to new ecosystem configurations.

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General information

This course is an online course, offered by Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern as an OPEN vhb course. Hence, this course will be conducted online only.

In order to receive a “certificate of participation” for this course you need to solve 50% of the interactive tasks and questions. The certificate will be generated automatically and does not embrace a grade or credit points.

The course is offered constantly, course language is English.

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Contact person

Dr. Petra Nylund

Research Assistant
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