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On November 3rd and 4th, we finally had the chance to return to face-to-face teaching. We successfully kicked off our new seminars and hosted a Thesis Meeting at the Chair for the first time since three digital semesters.

We really enjoyed being able to have valuable conversations with our studen...

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We are pleased to offer two new courses in the winter semester 2021/2022. Dates and further information on the courses can be found in the associated StudOn groups and module descriptions.


Data Science for Technology and Innovation Management with R

In this course, students develop a...

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The Chair of Technology Management offers two 5 ECTS online courses this winter term 2021/2022:

“Product Innovation Management in Emerging Markets” and “Profiting from Ideas and Inventions – An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights“.

Both are in English and for students on the Mast...