Fruitful Teaching Staff Mobility with guest lecturer from Israel

Prof. Bican, Dr. Guderian, Dr. Kessler Ladelsky

As part of the ERASMUS+ Teaching Staff Mobility, the Chair of Technology Management hosted the guest lecturer Dr. Limor Kessler Ladelsky (The Israel Academic College in Ramat Gan, Bar-Ilan University) from Israel from June 27 to July 1, 2022.

The program of the week was very diverse: Dr. Kessler Ladelsky assisted the Chair with our thesis seminar, where the students depending on their progress presented their final theses or intermediary reports. Dr. Kessler Ladelsky was able to provide interesting insights and feedback to the students through her experiences in her PhD thesis as well as her knowledge as an internationally established researcher. Further, the Chair also organized several (cultural) activities to introduce the guest to the surroundings and history. Besides a city tour through Nuremberg, we also visited the Ludwig Erhard Center in Fürth, which conveys both the history of Fürth and (Nazi) Germany as well as the emergence of the Social Market Economy through the person Ludwig Erhard.

We thank the Welcome Center of the FAU for the transmission of the contact and great help with the organization. Together we were able to intensify the international networking of research and teaching for students and internal and foreign scientists, thus supporting FAU’s goals for internationalization.