Congratulations to Dr. Agarwal for publication in the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

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In the publication”Managing dilemmas of resource mobilization through jugaad: A multi‐method study of social enterprises in Indian healthcare” in the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (SEJ), Dr. Nivedita Agarwal along with her co-authors (Ronika Chakrabarti, Jaideep Prabhu and Alexander Brem) investigate the dilemmas that social entrepreneurs encounter and discuss the practices they use to manage dilemmas over time.

Using a multi‐method approach involving event structure analysis and an inductive multiple case study, their study highlights four key organizational practices—asset multiplication, leveraging human capital, building social embeddedness, and affordable quality that embody the jugaad elements of frugality and inclusivity.

Adding to the social entrepreneurship literature, their study demonstrates that the jugaad approach is conceptually distinct from bricolage and relevant to the study of social enterprises’ resource mobilization processes.