Technology Entrepreneurship

Technology Entrepreneurship

Since Joseph Schumpeter stated in 1934 that "The entrepreneur is the innovator…", entrepreneurship has been in the increasing focus of attention in both management and academia, evolving into its own field of research. Setting-up own businesses is no longer restrained to entrepreneurs founding out of necessity or stemming from already successful family firms. With failure being still rife amongst entrepreneurs, success determinants of entrepreneurial ventures are in the focus of students, managers, founders, and policy makers alike.At the Chair of Technology Management, within this research area, we primarily focus on entrepreneurship in technology-oriented endeavors. Our research applies both for start-ups and established companies, where such entrepreneurial activities lead to new companies or business areas. In particular, we aim to answer the following research questions:

  • How do technologies evolve, and how can such processes be managed in high-tech environments?
  • How can "entrepreneurial ecosystems" support entrepreneurial endeavors?
  • Which ways of successful collaboration exist between established companies and start-ups?
  • How can "Intrapreneurship" in organizations be managed successfully?
  • What are success factors for "Crowdfunding" and related concepts?