Profiting from Ideas and Inventions: An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (vhb)

This course includes the theoretical basics of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) with focus on Germany. With the help of this course, the participants are supposed to understand the topic of Intellectual Property Rights from a management point of view. The following theoretical basics are provided:

Intellectual Property (IP) Basics

  • IP in the Product Life-Cycle
    •  Value Articulation and Firm Performance
    • Management of IP: The IP Department
  • IP in SMEs and for Entrepreneurs vs. Multinational Companies
  • Strategic Technology Management: IP as a Data Source
    • Practitioner’s Perspective: Accessing publically available data
    • Special Databases: Towards Competitive Advantage
  • New Trends
    • Regional to International Application: From the German Patent Office to World Intellectual Property Organization and Beyond
    • Challenges in Open Innovation Environments
    • Challenges in Emerging Markets

This class is recommended as a basic course for the master seminar “Strategic Intellectual Property Management”.

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