International Technology Management Research Seminar

Dear students,

Hope that you all are safe and healthy in these difficult times!

Adhering to the WiSo-Virtual-2020 concept we would like to inform you that the course ‘International Technology Management Research Seminar’ would take place and will be offered completely online through StudOn.

Please note that due to the current situation there is a change in the topic of the seminar as the visit from the guest professor from Brazil is postponed indefinitely.

This time, the topic will be on green technologies, that is (sustainable) technologies that attempt to preserve our natural environment and resources, and to limit and turn around human intervention in nature.

Methodologically, we will concentrate on ‘systematic literature review’ and ‘case study’ methods.

Also, please note that the course is no more planned as a block course, instead the lecture slides will be uploaded on StudOn on frequent basis.

We will soon update the course structure and more details on the timeline, format, examination  etc. on StudOn.

If you are interested in the course, please sign up to the StudOn group for more information and updates.


Technology management is an emerging and vibrant research field with a highly interdisciplinary nature. Within this course, current trends will be presented and discussed in an international context. Key concepts will be discussed and applied through course assignments. The goal is to deepen the understanding of state-of-the-art technology management approaches for successful development and commercialization of new products. Groups will work interdisciplinary.

This course includes – where applicable – also guest presentations from visiting lecturers/ industry representatives.

General information

This course takes place annually in the winter and summer semester. The course is in English.

If you are interested in the course, please sign up to the StudOn group for more information and updates.

Read further information about the seminar in the module description.


You should take part in this seminar or the Strategic Intellectual Property Management Seminar, if you are writing a Master thesis with this Chair and if the “Prüfungsordnung” of your study program requires the participation in one of the Chairs’ lectures before writing theses. Please get further information in the “Prüfungsordnung” or at the “Prüfungsamt”.

Contact person

Dr. Nivedita Agarwal

Dr.-Mack-Str. 81, Technikum 1, Nuremberg Campus of Technology
90762 Fürth
Office hours: Office hours: by appointment