International Technology Management Research Seminar


In winter semester 2020/21 we have Prof. Araken Lima from INPI Brazil as guest lecturer, who will talk about innovation ecosystems in Brazil and introduce you to the method of technology roadmapping.

The thematic focus is on Innovation ecosystems in emerging economies. Interesting topics like Economics of complexities, patent systems and technology roadmapping in context of emerging economies will be discussed. Prof. Lima will give deeper insights and share his research on innovation ecosystems in Brazil.

Methodologically, we will concentrate on the organization of essential data for technology roadmapping. You will learn how to use patent data to identify and analyze the technology trend and write a scientific case related to the theme.

General information

This course takes place annually in the winter and summer semester. The course is in English.

In the coming winter term 2020-21 this master course will take place as a block course in November for two semester weeks (November 9th to 20th 2020).

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Read further information about the seminar in the module description.


You should take part in this seminar or one of the other Master seminars, if you are writing a Master thesis with this Chair and if the “Prüfungsordnung” of your study program requires the participation in one of the Chairs’ lectures before writing theses. Please get further information in the “Prüfungsordnung” or at the “Prüfungsamt”.

Contact person

Dr. Nivedita Agarwal

Dr.-Mack-Str. 81, Technikum 1, Nuremberg Campus of Technology
90762 Fürth
Office hours: Office hours: by appointment

Prof. Araken Alves de Lima

Lecturer (International Technology Management Research Seminar)