Information for students of Industrial Engineering (WING)

Lectures and seminars for WING

Students of Industrial Engineering can take part in every module (Bachelor and Master) offered by this Chair. They will be credited as general optional modules.

In most study programs it is necessary to take part in a lecture at the Chair of Technology Management to be able to write a thesis there. You can either take part before or while writing the thesis, sometimes even in the following semester. Please check the regulations in the “Prüfungsordnung” of your study program. If in doubt contact the “Prüfungsamt”. As some courses are only offered once a year, you should check the regulations on time.

Further information will follow soon.

Theses for WING

Students of Industrial Engineering can write their Bachelor, Master of Project thesis at the Chair of Technology Management. There is a mandatory Bachelor thesis seminar or Master thesis seminar. Please sign in for this seminar on MeinCampus.

Please inform yourself here about theses in general and read the WING Thesis Guidelines.

For further information about project thesis, click here.

To registrate your thesis, please fill in the according registration form for Bachelor thesis, Master thesis or Project theses and bring them to our office for Professor Brem to sign it (note the opening times of our office).

For more detailed questions please contact the study counselor Lothar Czaja or visit the website for Industrial Engineering here.