Examination dates Bachelor

Due to the corona crisis, no final details can be given on the exact conduct of the exams. We assume that the exams will be conducted in the usual form as shown in the module handbook, e.g. as an exam at the end of the semester. However, it cannot be ruled out that an examination in the usual form will NOT take place. The so-called COVID-19 statutes allow, by way of exception, a deviation from the originally intended examination formats. In order to ensure that the module can still be examined and thus a regular degree can be obtained, additional examination elements (so-called assignments) can be provided in the modules. If the usual examinations take place at a later date, the results of the assignments are taken into account in the grading process.

Information on registration and deregistration deadlines can be obtained directly from the Examination Office. You can find further dates (also for exam inspection) in  MeinCampus.