PhD Thesis

Important note

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Please check before inquiring about potential doctoral candidacy whether you have prior approval based on your personal and professional background. All information can be found on the website of the Graduate School of the department. In addition, detailed information on the process of a doctoral candidacy are summarized here. Please note that sole external PhD projects will not be supervised.


The independent search for a thesis topic is an essential component of the qualification for the potential doctorate candidate. The proposed research topics will of course be discussed together in person and further developed. The topic should also fit to the given Research focuses to ensure the relevance. Most importantly, the candidate should have a personal passion and connection to the topic because only then will the scientific work become fun.

This should be the fundamental motivation for doing a PhD: Enjoyment of scientific work.

The preparation for a doctoral candidacy should contain a synopsis which includes 3-5 pages on the fundamental research question. The synopsis will then be discussed in further detail in a personal meeting where an appropriate work plan and schedule will also be discussed. Here you will find a helpful book for the creation of such synopses.

The financial security of the PhD candidate must be secured during the candidacy. This can be accomplished with a position as Research Assistant, if an opening is available, or through scholarships. If a scholarship application has a high likelihood of being successful it will be supported through a personal and professional assessment.

The dissertation normally should be completed as a cumulative PhD; more information can be found in the current version of the doctoral regulations.


Written PhD requests should be submitted including all documents of a regular application as well as a letter of motivation. The selected research topic should be included along with a drafted synopsis of the topic. Contact information for the submission can be found here.

PhD seminar

The PhD seminar provides the regular exchange between the PhD student, their supervisors and interested students. It offers presentations by external speakers, as well as the collaboration with national and international scientists.

Find further information about location and time on UnivIS.