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Dipl.-Vw. & Dipl.-Kfm. Carsten Guderian, lecturer at the Chair of Technology Management, was invited to give a lecture at the International Trade Fair for Ideas, Inventions and New Products (iENA).
In addition to his scientific work on patent analysis and patent evaluation at the FAU, Carsten G...

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Grino Water Solutions has won the 1st place at the Award of HOCHSPRUNG, the Entrepreneurship Network of Bavarian Universities. The HOCHSPRUNG Award supports the start-up dynamics at Bavarian universities. 36 start-ups from all over Bavaria had applied for the prize, which awarded innovative projects...

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Medical care is becoming an ever greater global challenge due to rising costs, stricter regulations or a growing world population in regions with difficult access to health services.

Which core needs must actually be covered?
Where can superfluous functions be eliminated?
How can cost...

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The Chair of Technology Management offers two 5 ECTS online courses this winter term: “Product Innovation Management in Emerging Markets” and “Profiting from Ideas and Inventions – An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights“, both in English and for students on the Masters level. Students are i...

Category: Allgemein, Awards

Alexander Brem has received the Publons Peer Review Award for the third year in a row. Each year, Publons publishes a list of the reviewers who receive the most international recognition in various scientific categories.
Publons aims to make peer review a measurable indicator of researchers' expert...