Evolution of Innovation Management

Titelblatt von "Evolution of Innovation Management 2"

Author(s): Brem A, Viardot É

Title Collective work: Evolution of Innovation Management

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Year of publication: 2013

Page range: 348-353

Language: English, Chinese



Innovation is a key driver for performance and growth in business. It provides a strong competitive advantage and is one of the best ways to speed up the rate of change and adaptation to the global environment. Concurrently, the topic of innovation is also gaining increased visibility and interest among academic communities worldwide.

However, some of the challenges of innovating are remarkably consistent and recent times have shown the emergence of new ways for stimulating and managing the innovation process, especially from an international perspective. Even if theses processes are taking place in very different industries, there are many parallels in successfully managing them.

Moreover this book uses new approaches and solutions to tackle innovations in an international context.

This volume explores the new routes and assesses their value both for markets and companies. More specifically, the book is organized around three themes:

  • Innovation Strategies
  • Innovation Management Tools
  • International Perspective