Visiting lecturers


It is the Chair of Technology Management’s goal to initiate and intensify the international collaboration and especially the exchange of students and researcher. Therefore we regularly invite international visiting lecturers.

If you would like to directly contact one of the lecturers, please contact our secretary.

We are very interested in international collaboration so if you are interested in giving a guest lecture in Nuremberg, please contact our secretary.

Recent visiting lecturers

Rogelio Puente Diaz

José Cuervo Professor of Marketing at Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico


Rogelio Puente Diaz is Professor of Marketing at the Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico. There, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on market research, research methodology, and consumer behavior. He conducts research on self-beliefs and their implications for creativity and innovation. His recent publications include “Creativity and Innovation: State of the Art and Future Perspectives for Research” together with Alexander Brem and “Creative self-efficacy: The influence of affective states and social persuasion as antecedents and imagination and divergent thinking as consequences”, published in Creativity Research Journal.

Last visit in Nuremberg: July 2017

Rogelio’s stay was funded with FAU Visiting Professorship Program.