The Chair of Technology Management has a close collaboration with the Syddansk Universitet/ University of Southern Denmark (SDU), the former work place of  Prof. Dr. Brem. Since May 2017 Prof. Dr. Brem is Honorary Professor (Adjunct Professor) at the SDU. The SDU only startet in 1966 on the campus in Odense, now the university consists of five different locations, the main campus in Odense and satellites in Slagelse, Kolding, Esbjerg and Sønderborg. Currently, about 35.000 students are enrolled at the five faculties in 115 different study programs, and about 20% of them come from abroad. The collaboration is especially close with the Mads Clausen Institut in Sønderborg, where about 1.500 students study in English only.

Find an image video about SDU here.

For further questions, feel free to contact Professor Brem.