Visiting lecturers

We are very interested in international collaboration so if you are interested in giving a guest lecture in Nuremberg, please contact us.

Recent visiting lecturers

Tugrul Daim

Profile of Tugrul Daim

Prof. Dr. Tugrul Daim, Professor and the Director of the Technology Management Doctoral Program in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University (USA)




Tugrul Daim is the Director of the Research Group on Infrastructure and Technology Management and a Faculty Fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Solutions. He is the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management and has been at various editorial roles in many journals. Prior to joining PSU, he had worked at Intel Corporation for over a decade in varying management roles. At Intel he managed product and technology development. He is also a visiting professor with the Northern Institute of Technology at Technical University of Hamburg, Harburg and Nottingham Trent University. He has given keynotes and distinguished speaker lectures at conferences, companies, universities and research centers around the world.

He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Bogazici University in Turkey, MS in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, MS in Engineering Management from Portland State University, and PhD in Systems Science: Engineering Management from Portland State University in Portland Oregon.

Last visit in Nuremberg: December 2019

The stay was funded with FAU Visiting Professorship Program.

Afina Hasya

Profile Picture Afina Hasya


Afina Hasya, PhD student from Central Java, Indonesia




Afina Hasya gained her master degree on 2016 at Diponegoro University, one of the top public university in Indonesia, majoring in Strategic Management. She was focusing her thesis on SME’s performance. She also has a strong engineering background to support her analytical skill from her bachelor degree at the same university on Industrial Engineering department. Now she is pursuing her doctoral degree at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg focusing on women entrepreneurs.
Besides teaching in university as a lecturer, Afina actively talks in student entrepreneurship seminars. She is also a member of several communities engaged in entrepreneurship and women’s development in Semarang, Central Java. Afina utilizes her knowledge and also her entrepreneurial skills due to increase the interest and competitiveness of young entrepreneurs, especially those who start running their first own business in school and college.


Last visit in Nuremberg: October 2019

The stay was funded with FAU Visiting Professorship Program.


Issam Attalah

Issam Attalah Profile

Issam Attalah, PhD Student and Research Assistant at the University of Vic Central Catalunya (Spanien)





Issam Attalah holds a Master’s degree in information and communication sciences from Paul Sabatier Toulouse III University (France) and is currently preparing his Ph.D. on open innovation at the University of Vic Central Catalunya (Spain). His work includes the study of hackathons as a new tool of open innovation and collective intelligence. Issam has been involved in hackathons and innovation contest organizations in France and Dubai.

With a strong background in knowledge building, corporate relations and experiential marketing, Issam leads the programs at gistec, Esri distributor in the UAE, a global leader in geographic information system (GIS) technology and spatial analytics. He manages international conferences such as gisworx and the GIS site exchange visits between GIS & IT leaders from the UAE and their fellows from a chosen host country. Under this program, Issam successfully led cooperation between the UAE and countries like France, Singapore, and Denmark.

In his free time, Issam travels the world, whether the destination is a small village like Álora in Andalucia Spain or cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong, you will find him practicing architectural photography and trying out new coffee shops.

Last visit in Nuremberg: April-July 2019

The stay was funded with ERASMUS Mobility through traineeship.

Rainer Harms

Rainer Harms der Universität Twente

PD Dr. Rainer Harms, Associate Prof. Entrepreneurship, NIKOS/ESIM at the University Twente, The Netherlands




Rainer Harms obtained a PhD in Business Administration from WWU Münster, one of the leading universities on Business Administration in Germany, with a study on Entrepreneurial Orientation and Entrepreneurial Management (runner-up of best dissertation award at WWU Business&Economics). He defended his Habilitation in Business Administration from AAU Klagenfurt on a work on Complexity and Dynamics in new venture creation processes. Since 2012, he is Associate Professor at University Twente. He has served as visiting professor at prestigious universities such as WU Vienna (the largest business university in Europe), UAB Barcelona (e.g. 18th in young university rankings THE 2017), St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, and was visiting researcher at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, USA.

Rainer’s ambition in research and teaching is to contribute to understanding and solving the challenges of technology entrepreneurship.

Last visit in Nuremberg: February 2019

The stay was funded with FAU Visiting Professorship Program.


Jin Chen

Professor of Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy in Tsinghua SEM, Beijing, China





Prof. Jin Chen is a professor of Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy in Tsinghua SEM. His diverse fields of expertise range fromchemical process control, management engineering, technological innovation management and many more. His research and teaching at the Tsinghua University mainly focuses on management of technological innovation.

Prof. Jin Chen is a member of the Education Committee of CAE (the Chinese Academy of Engineering), the member of the division of management science in council for technology and science of Minister of Education, and vice chairman of the Chinese Association for Science of Science and S&T Policy. He serves as (associate) chief editor for several highly ranked journals.

Last visit in Nuremberg: June 2018

The stay was funded with FAU Visiting Professorship Program.


Oliver Niebuhr

Oliver Niebuhr


Associate Professor of Communication and Innovation at the Mads Clausen Institute at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU)




Oliver Niebuhr earned his doctorate (with distinction) in Phonetics and Digital Speech Processing from Kiel University and worked then as a post-doc researcher at linguistic and psychological institutes in Aix-en-Provence and York based on the interdisciplinary European Marie Curie Research Training Network “Sound to Sense.” In 2009, he was appointed Junior Professor of Spoken Language Analysis and returned to Kiel University, where he also became director of the Kiel research center “Speech & Emotion.” Since 2015, he is Associate Professor of Communication and Innovation at the Mads Clausen Institute of the University of Southern Denmark. Oliver is an elected member of the permanent council of the International Phonetic Association (IPA), a member of the editorial board of the Journal of the International Phonetic Association and of the Laboratory Phonology book series, and an Associate Editor of the journal Phonetica. He also serves as a lecturer for the University Society of Schleswig-Holstein.
Oliver’s main areas of expertise include speech acoustics – in particular with respect to the forms and functions of speech melody – digital (speech) signal processing, and the acoustics of noise with special emphasis on its impact on human behavior and health.

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Last visit in Nuremberg: January/ February 2018

Oliver’s stay was funded with Wilhelm-Rieger Visiting Professor Programm.


Marianne Stenger

Associate professor at the Mads Clausen Institute at The University of Southern Denmark (SDU)




Marianne Stenger is associate professor at the Mads Clausen Institute at The University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Her background is in International business and marketing. Over the last 15 years, she has taught various courses at undergraduate and graduate level in marketing, consumer behaviour, market research to business and engineering students. Within the last 10 years she concentrated on courses in new product development, innovation management and entrepreneurship as part of the MSc. in Engineering in Innovation and Business program in Sønderborg where she is also head of the program. Her research interests are in the fields of understanding consumer intentions in relation to green products as well as understanding the link between dynamic capabilities and innovation performance in small and medium-sized businesses.

Last visit in Nüremberg: November 2017

Funded by Erasmus+ Teaching Staff mobility


Rogelio Puente Diaz

José Cuervo Professor of Marketing at Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico





Rogelio Puente Diaz is Professor of Marketing at the Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico. There, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on market research, research methodology, and consumer behavior. He conducts research on self-beliefs and their implications for creativity and innovation. His recent publications include “Creativity and Innovation: State of the Art and Future Perspectives for Research” and “Creative self-efficacy: The influence of affective states and social persuasion as antecedents and imagination and divergent thinking as consequences”, published in Creativity Research Journal.

Last visit in Nuremberg: July 2017

Rogelio’s stay was funded with FAU Visiting Professorship Program.