Creativity Approaches for Sustainability Seminar in Summer Semester 2024

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The launch of creatively designed solutions for sustainability


The Chair of Technology Management launched the seminar in the Summer Semester 2024. The seminar’s goal was to involve learners as active partners in tackling sustainability challenges and developing creative solutions using a design-thinking approach. To enhance the participants’ engagement, creativity, team spirit, and learning outcomes, a ‘’Flipped Classroom’’ teaching method has been used.

The students demonstrated a high level of engagement throughout the block seminar. Initially, they were introduced to the theoretical and scientific foundations of the interaction between sustainability and creativity in an interactive environment. After that, they learned about design-thinking approaches. Then, got hands-on experience in addressing real-world challenges such as developing mobility concepts for FAU. Finally, the students self-organized into teams to work on self-selected sustainability challenges. These challenges were conceptualized during the seminar and further developed over several weeks before presenting:

  • a concept and solutions to integrate biodiversity into Insel Schütt in Nürnberg.
  • a concept and the ideation of an Internet-based B2B platform to manage food waste in buffet restaurants and hotels.
  • ideas to up-scale fast fashion waste of syntactic clothes and develop isolation material to be used in the construction sector.
  • policy and housing solutions to address challenges and pressure of mass tourism in Spain on local communities.


Creativity Approaches for Sustainability