New workshop series “Starting Business Ideas @ FAU” for Start-Ups

Intropost for "Starting Business Ideas @ FAU"

To all entrepreneurship, start-up & innovation enthusiasts we proudly present our new workshop series “Starting Business Ideas @ FAU”

Are you….
….just getting started with an idea?
…interested to see where you can go with your idea?
…trying to develop your business model further?
…keen on learning the “Business Design approach”?
…looking to connect with like-minded entrepreneurship & innovation enthusiasts
…wanting to get feedback on your idea?
…excited to make your idea start-up ready?

Then don’t look any further and sign-up now for the new workshop series “Starting Business Ideas @ FAU”, where we will help you to get started with the Business Design process and bring your idea to the next level!
Take part in the whole series or just pick the workshop that suits you best.

Find more detailed information on the following Website:

Open and free to anybody in the FAU, EELISA or Existency Network.