Founders for funding “Reality Bites – Building Box” wanted

Logo of "Reality bites Building Box"
Source: FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg; Digital Tech Academy

Within the program of EXIST 5, the FAU, together with the HS Ansbach and TH Nürnberg, was able to win funding for the 4-year “EXISTENCY” program.

The first program module is called “Reality Bites – Building Box”. For this, teams (students, doctoral candidates and professors) are being sought who already have a concrete idea for a start-up and who are seriously interested in founding a start-up. No matter if the idea is still in the very beginning or if there is already a first prototype, mentors and start-up experts will accompany and support the start-up teams in taking the right next step.

The goal of “Reality Bites – Building Box” is to find out together,

– if the idea really works,

– how to define and reach a customer group,

– which financing options are available,

– how to build a suitable prototype.

In addition, each team will receive 1,000 euros for prototype development!

So, if you are a team of at least two founders and also study, write your PhD or work at a university in Middle Franconia, you can apply for “Reality Bites – Building Box” until 31.8.2020.

You can find all detailed information here: