TRIZ Workshop at the Chair of Technology Management

Participants of the TRIZ Workshop

At the beginning of August a three-day TRIZ course took place at the Chair of technology Management. The workshop leader is Jens Hammer, who is trained as a TRIZ Master and will soon complete his doctorate under the supervision of Professor Brem.

TRIZ is a Russian method that deals with the “theory of inventive problem solving”. Based on an analysis of 200,000 patents, scientists realized that a large number of inventions are based on a comparatively small number of solution principles. As a result, a methodology was developed to abstract a concrete problem. For this abstract problem, an abstract solution concept is sought with the help of a matrix and adapted to the concrete situation. This method is often used for innovation and product development and plays an important role in the research of the chair.

At the end of the workshop, the 10 participants took part in an examination and received their TRIZ Level 1 certificate.

We would like to thank Jens Hammer for conducting this exciting workshop and are looking forward to applying the learned content in research and teaching.