Frugal Innovation Workshop at the Universiteit Leiden in the Netherlands

Flyer Capturing Frugal Innovation

By invitation of the Centres for Frugal Innovation in Africa, Christine Wimschneider participated at a one-week workshop on Frugal Innovation at the Lorentz Center for Lorentz Center for Scientific Workshops in All Disciplines in Leiden.

Together with international researchers in the area of Frugal Innovation the days were dedicated to the preparation of a Handbook on Frugal Innovation. This handbook shall summarize the current state of research on this topic and serve as a manual for both practictioners and policy makers.

The first three days were setup with a combination of peer reviews of the manuscripts and network activities to get to know the research focus of the colleagues. The second half of the week was used for a creativity workshop moderated by the Open Space Method. There, ideas were collected and topics which were assessed as most pressing and relevant were discussed. The results will serve as the basis for a future research agenda on frugal innovation.