Frugal Innovations: Bayern Innovativ event in Fürth

Alexander Brem at the forum "Frugale Innovationen"
Source: Bayern Innovativ GmbH

What do Indian horns, senior mobile phones and modular electric cars have in common? They are products developed specifically for a clientele and the respective context of use – frugal solutions that are sustainable, affordable and yet technologically mature.

The forum “Opportunities for New Markets” organised by Bayern Innovativ on 23rd of January in Fürth, Germany, showed the current state of research and examples of best practice on this topic. Alexander Brem gave a lecture on “Frugal Engineering: Rethinking product development processes”.

Afterwards, the participants were able to discuss the topic and develop their own ideas in three different workshops. Christine Wimschneider, research assistant at the Chair of Technology Management conducted the workshop “Finding Frugal Innovations: Application of the Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving (TRIZ)”  together with Jens Hammer from Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG. The complete program of the event can be found here (in German only).

Bayern 2 dedicated an episode in the podcast “IQ – Forschung und Wissenschaft” (IQ – Science and Research) to the topic “Frugal Innovations”, in which Professor Brem also made a contribution. Here, you can listen to the episode or read the article (in German only).