Chair receives Renate-Wittern-Sterzel prize 2018

Group photo of the award winners after receiving the Renate Wittern-Sterzel Equal Opportunity Award by Vice President Prof. Dr. Friedrich Paulsen. Photo (from left): Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem, Christine Wimschneider and Peter Bican (all Chair of Technology Management), Prof. Dr. Annette Keilhauer (Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender - Difference - Diversity (IZGDD)), Prof. Dr. Renate Wittern-Sterzel (1st FAU Women's Representative and eponym of the prize), Vice-President Prof. Dr. Friedrich Paulsen. With the Renate-Wittern-Sterzel-Prize, the FAU annually honors persons who have worked for the equality of women and men at the university.

The Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) has twice as much reason to be happy: Both the Romanist Prof. Dr. Annette Keilhauer, spokeswoman of the Interdisciplinary Centre Gender – Difference – Diversity (IZGDD) and university women’s representative, and Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem, head of the Chair of Technology Management, have been awarded the Renate-Wittern-Sterzel-Prize for Equality this year for their interdisciplinary work in the field of gender and diversity.

Founded in January 2017, the Interdisciplinary Center Gender – Difference – Diversity (IZGDD) makes an important contribution to the visibility and interdisciplinary networking of existing research and teaching at the FAU in the field of gender and diversity. The prize money will be used to carry out three interdisciplinary workshops, each lasting two days, on central research topics of the IZGDD.

With their three-part project “Technology Management in Practice – Gender Differences in Innovation”, Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem, Christine Wimschneider and Peter M. Bican from the Chair of Technology Management at FAU have convincingly demonstrated how issues from the fields of economics, marketing and gender differences interact with each other and form innovative synergies. The interdisciplinary teams of students (in particular business studies, business informatics, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering) have linked subject-specific scientific focuses with innovative gender-relevant aspects and derived concrete, everyday recommendations for action for industry and technology. The project makes an important contribution to interdisciplinary networking and cooperation at FAU and to the practice-oriented integration of gender aspects in the fields of business and technology. The concept of the project promotes the visibility of the topic of gender in a range of subjects traditionally classified as “male” and thus contributes to an increased awareness of gender-specific issues in the MINT field. The planned expansion and sharpening of the project promises a long-term, innovative, cross-faculty research approach at the FAU in the areas of research, gender and teaching.
The prize money is to serve the continuation and further development of the project by further integrating the knowledge gained so far into the teaching and research areas of the applicants.

The Renate-Wittern-Sterzel prize is awarded annually to members or institutions of the university who have rendered outstanding services to equal opportunities for women and men at the FAU. The prize is awarded in recognition of a particularly successful equality project at the FAU and is publicly awarded. This is associated with prize money of 10,000 Euro. This serves the continuation of existing gender equality activities or the development of new ones at FAU. The university management decides on the award of the prize on the basis of the recommendation of the Equal Opportunities Working Group.

The award bears the name of the initiator of the prize. With this award, the university acknowledges the many years of work of the retired Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. med. habil. Renate-Wittern-Sterzel, formerly employed at the Institute for the History and Ethics of Medicine, who was very committed and successful in her various offices and functions – sometimes as the first women’s representative and first vice rector of the university – for equality of women and men at the university.