Research and Teaching Stay of Christine Wimschneider in Brazil

Christine Wimschneider was invited to Brazil for joint research projects and teaching within the cooperation between the Chair of Technology Management and the Universidade de Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Florianópolis.

The stay contained visits to innovation parks and start-up incubators, interviews with industrial companies, presentation of project outlines at industry associations as well as talks and teaching events at three universities of the state of Santa Catarina: UFSC, Univille in Joinville and Univali in Itajaí.

One of the events was the international Round Table on the topic of Frugal Innovation and Development. Christine Wimschneider presented research findings from parts of her PhD thesis, which examine “Frugal Innovation in Latin America”. The diffusion and acceptance of the concept played a major role thereby.

Further invitees for keynotes included Prof. Chen Xiangdong, who researches low-cost innovation for China and Prof. Geraldo Campos, who is in charge for the entrepreneurship program and education at the Unisul. The talks were moderated by Dr. Araken Alves de Lima from the Brazilian IP and patent agency (INPI) and coordinator of the master’s program in IP and technology transfer at UFSC.

In this context, the stay of Christine Wimschneider brought about new joint research projects on the topics frugal innovation, innovation policies, emerging technologies and technology transfer.