Visit from the University of Mpumalanga

Phindile Lukhele-Olorunju, Alexander Brem, Thoko Mayekiso (right)

On 20th and 21st of March a delegation of the University of Mpumalanga, South Africa, visited the School of Business and Economics at the FAU. Professor Mayekiso and Professor Lukhele-Olorunju, got informed about the possibilities to study and research in Nuremberg and discussed the options of a closer cooperation with Professor Brem.

Their home institution in the North East of South Africa, close to the world famous Krüger Park, was newly founded in 2014 focusing on Commerce, Development, Education and Life Sciences. The university is particularly funded by the government as its current Chancellor, Cyril Rhamaposa, became the new state president in February 2018, who supports this region to develop Master and PhD programs.